AccuStem Sciences, Inc. and EmeritusDX Establish Collaborative Agreement for Product Development and Strategic Partnership

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

AccuStem Sciences, Inc. and EmeritusDX, both dedicated to enhancing cancer diagnostics and personalized medicine, have joined forces in a collaborative agreement. This partnership aims to collectively manage scientific operations and research and development (R&D) efforts for AccuStem's product portfolio.

The primary focus of this collaboration will be to advance the validation of AccuStem's core offering, StemPrintER, designed for breast cancer patients. StemPrintER is a proprietary 20-gene test that stratifies patients based on their risk of recurrence and assesses tumor "stemness," providing insights into cancer progression and responses to standard treatments. The partnership aims to demonstrate the assay's clinical utility by addressing crucial questions, including identifying optimal surgical interventions to improve patient outcomes.

Wendy Blosser, CEO of AccuStem, expressed excitement about partnering with EmeritusDX, highlighting their expertise in the diagnostic field and successful track record. With EmeritusDX's advanced facilities in California and Pennsylvania, as well as their skilled R&D team, the collaboration will facilitate the validation of the StemPrintER assay. The ultimate goal is to advance precision medicine, providing healthcare providers with actionable insights to enhance patient outcomes in the fight against cancer.

EmeritusDX, a pioneering cancer diagnostics and information company, is committed to transforming cancer care through personalized medicine. By collaborating with AccuStem, they aim to address unmet clinical needs for cancer patients, leveraging AccuStem's proprietary technology that evaluates tumor stemness.

Robert Embree, CEO of EmeritusDX, believes that StemPrintER will complement their existing product pipeline and expand their capabilities beyond current offerings.
Both companies' leadership teams anticipate that this strategic partnership will expedite the launch of StemPrintER for breast cancer while strengthening their research and development efforts to explore its potential in other tumor types in the future.

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