Adona Medical Introduces Advanced Heart Failure Management Platform at CSI Frankfurt 2023 Conference

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Adona Medical, a company within the Shifamed portfolio that specializes in advanced interatrial shunting and hemodynamic monitoring systems for heart failure, announced the debut of its latest heart failure management platform at the CSI Frankfurt 2023 conference. Brian Fahey, Co-Founder and CEO of Adona Medical, took the stage during the Focus Heart Failure Interventions session to present the company's developing interatrial shunt technology.

The heart failure management platform developed by Adona Medical incorporates an adjustable interatrial shunt with integrated bi-atrial pressure monitoring. The shunt's flow channel is designed with an adaptable geometry that allows for post-implantation adjustments, enabling customization based on the patient's specific needs at the time of the initial procedure. Furthermore, the integrated sensors automate the collection of pressure readings from both the left and right atria multiple times a day, eliminating the need for patient interaction. These daily readings provide healthcare professionals with comprehensive hemodynamic insights and facilitate informed pharmaceutical management to augment shunt therapy.

Dr. Marat Fudim, an Advanced Heart Failure Specialist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Duke University, commented on the novel device, stating, "This is a unique device that offers intriguing features such as an adjustable shunt mechanism and hemodynamic monitoring. It holds particular interest given the ongoing discussion surrounding the optimal shunt size for individual patients and the growing field of remote patient monitoring."

Heart failure affects millions of patients worldwide, with approximately 6.5 million individuals in the United States alone. These patients often face challenges related to functional limitations, diminished quality of life, and frequent hospitalizations. Adona Medical aims to address the limitations of current solutions and provide heart failure patients and healthcare professionals with cutting-edge technologies. By offering a customizable and adjustable shunting approach alongside advanced hemodynamic monitoring capabilities, Adona Medical strives to advance patient care in the field. The opportunity to present their progress on the heart failure platform at the CSI Frankfurt conference was met with great enthusiasm by the company.

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