Affidea Announces Acquisition Deal for MedEuropa Romania

Monday, March 04, 2024

Affidea Group, recognized as Europe's largest provider of advanced diagnostics, multi-specialty polyclinics, and Centers of Excellence, has recently announced its agreement to acquire MedEuropa Romania, a prominent cancer care provider in the region. MedEuropa Romania operates four medical centers across Romania, located in Constanta, Bucharest, Brasov, and Oradea, with plans to open another center in Iasi. The company specializes in advanced cancer care, offering services such as Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, and broader oncology services.

The acquisition of MedEuropa Romania by Affidea Group aims to integrate advanced cancer care services, particularly radiotherapy, into Affidea's primary diagnostic and polyclinic portfolio in Romania. This strategic move enhances Affidea's capability in Romania and complements its existing radiotherapy services across Europe.

Affidea Group underscores its commitment to supporting Romania's healthcare system and individuals affected by cancer. The integration of MedEuropa into Affidea's service model is expected to improve early detection, diagnosis, and access to radiotherapy services in community settings across Romania.

Both Affidea and MedEuropa have established reputations for providing high-quality patient care. The integration of MedEuropa into Affidea's network is seen as an opportunity to enhance care delivery and outcomes for cancer patients in Romania.

The completion of the acquisition is contingent upon approval by the Romanian Competition Council, indicating that regulatory processes are underway to finalize the transaction. This acquisition represents a strategic effort to strengthen cancer care services in Romania and underscores Affidea Group's commitment to improving healthcare outcomes in the country.

Source: prneswire,com

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