Aidéo Technologies™ and MedEvolve, Inc. Partner to Introduce AI-Powered Coding and Revenue Cycle Automation in Healthcare

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Aidéo Technologies and MedEvolve have established a strategic partnership aimed at integrating Aidéo's Gemini Coder Platform and Gemini AutoCode solutions into MedEvolve's Effective Intelligence suite. This collaborative effort is geared towards optimizing medical coding workflows and implementing generative AI-powered autonomous coding within the healthcare sector.

MedEvolve will incorporate Aidéo's advanced solutions into its Revenue Cycle Services division, which currently provides a comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management services to over 50 provider organizations. The integration of Aidéo's Gemini platform into MedEvolve's operations is expected to enhance the efficiency of coding processes, creating additional operational capacity and facilitating growth within its service line.

As part of this collaboration, MedEvolve will also serve as a certified reseller of the Aidéo platform, underscoring its commitment to offering Aidéo's solutions as an integral part of its service portfolio. This arrangement opens up opportunities for both existing and prospective clients of MedEvolve to benefit from the incorporation of Aidéo's advanced medical coding workflows and generative AI-powered autonomous coding capabilities.

Aidéo's Gemini Solutions Suite™, comprising the Gemini Coder Platform and Gemini AutoCode solutions, is designed to empower medical coders by combining human expertise with generative AI. This collaboration seeks to accelerate autonomous coding capabilities, leading to cost reductions and increased productivity within the healthcare coding landscape.

In summary, the partnership between Aidéo Technologies and MedEvolve aims to leverage cutting-edge AI-driven solutions to optimize and enhance the efficiency of medical coding workflows, ultimately providing tangible benefits to healthcare organizations and their clients.





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