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Aiosyn Enhances Ai-powered Quality Control Solution To Support Immunohistochemistry (Ihc) Staining In Digital Pathology Slides

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Aiosyn, a software company dedicated to developing AI-powered pathology solutions, has introduced a significant advancement in their automated quality control (QC) algorithm. Their QC solution, AiosynQC, now fully supports immunohistochemistry (IHC) slides, in addition to hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) slides. This update extends the capabilities of AiosynQC, enabling laboratories that heavily utilize IHC staining to streamline their operations more effectively.

David Tellez, the Chief Technology Officer of Aiosyn, expresses enthusiasm about offering an AI-powered QC solution compatible with IHC staining. This development empowers laboratories to enhance their pathology workflow effectively. Immunohistochemistry is a crucial aspect of modern pathology practices.

AiosynQC, the automated quality control solution, utilizes advanced algorithms to identify and flag common artifacts in histology slide images. This improves the efficiency and quality of the digital pathology workflow. By ensuring that only high-quality images are utilized by pathologists, technicians, and researchers, AiosynQC plays a vital role in laboratory operations. It helps streamline the workflow by identifying problematic cases before they reach the pathologist, reducing the need for manual artifact checks during slide quality control.

IHC staining is widely used in pathology laboratories and plays a significant role in routine diagnostic work, as well as basic and clinical research, including biomarker exploration. The compatibility of AiosynQC with IHC staining marks a major milestone, reflecting Aiosyn's commitment to integrating their software solutions seamlessly into existing digital pathology workflows.

Aiosyn is actively engaged in developing advanced deep learning algorithms for various pathological conditions. Moreover, the recent launch of AiosynQC on the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace demonstrates the company's dedication to making AI-powered technology accessible to pathology laboratories worldwide.

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