AliveCor and Luscii Unveil Revolutionary Partnership: Introducing the Inaugural 'Virtual Heart Clinic in a Box'

Thursday, June 08, 2023

AliveCor, a global frontrunner in personal electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, has announced an unprecedented collaboration with Luscii, the leading provider of remote patient monitoring and virtual ward solutions in Europe. This groundbreaking partnership aims to introduce the world's first 'virtual heart clinic in a box,' revolutionizing cardiac care for millions of patients. The joint effort aims to empower hospitals and general practitioners (GPs) worldwide by enabling them to effortlessly implement high-quality remote patient monitoring, thereby enhancing the provision of healthcare services to their patients.

Luscii Virtual Heart Clinic® is introducing a user-friendly app designed to enable cardiologists to offer remote cardiac patient monitoring. The app prompts patients to take vital sign measurements, which are automatically analyzed to detect any abnormalities. This partnership integrates AliveCor's advanced 6-lead ECG technology, Omron blood pressure meters and scale, and Happitech PPG into Luscii's medically certified telehealth platform. The platform is already available in 11 countries, catering to over 100 conditions.

The collaboration between Luscii and AliveCor aims to transform the delivery of cardiac care by making it more accessible and convenient for patients while reducing the burden on healthcare systems. By utilizing AliveCor's SDK solution, Luscii can extend the benefits of AliveCor's technology to its extensive network of renowned hospitals and GPs in Europe and Africa. This partnership empowers healthcare providers to remotely monitor cardiac patients, reducing the need for in-person visits or hospital admissions and ensuring patients receive the necessary care.

Impressive results have been observed with the use of the Luscii app in cardiac care across Europe, including a significant reduction in unplanned admissions for heart failure patients in London and fewer in-person visits for AF in Amsterdam. This collaboration expands on these successes, giving heart patients greater control over their health while staying connected with their care team.

Dr. Joris Janssen, co-founder of Luscii, expressed pride in joining forces with AliveCor, stating that the integration of AliveCor's cutting-edge ECG technology complements Luscii's widely used remote patient monitoring and virtual ward service. Together, they aim to make cardiac care more accessible, efficient, and patient-centered.

The implementation of Luscii's integration with AliveCor's SDK will be immediately available to all Luscii customers. The first hospitals expected to offer the Luscii Virtual Heart Clinic with AliveCor to their patients this summer will be in the Netherlands, Ireland, and the UK.



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