Asensus Surgical Collaborate With Google Cloud to Advance Performance-Guided Surgery

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Asensus Surgical has disclosed a multi-year partnership with Google Cloud to incorporate the latter's secure cloud data architecture and machine learning (ML) technologies and to further develop the Performance-Guided Surgery™ (PGS) framework, which is made possible by the Intelligent Surgical Unit™ (ISUTM) of Asensus Surgical.

Performance-Guided Surgery can assist surgeons in carrying out operations more precisely and quickly, eventually assisting surgeons in avoiding complications and enhancing patient outcomes.

The ISU is a platform for real-time intraoperative surgical image analytics that uses augmented intelligence to help lower surgical variability and offers tools to lessen a surgeon's cognitive fatigue while gathering clinical information about the surgical process. For doctors and hospitals, Asensus will allow patient access portals and performance dashboards, and Google Cloud's secure cloud data architecture will collect this information.

Asensus will use Google Cloud's machine learning technologies to analyze the data and derive clinical intelligence that can be used by hospitals and surgeons along with constantly enhancing the software in the ISU to provide better intra-operative clinical insight.

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