B-Secur and Galen Data Forge Team Up for Advanced Cardiac Health Monitoring

Friday, May 31, 2024

B-Secur and Galen Data are excited to announce their partnership, aimed at advancing cardiac health monitoring for manufacturers of cardiac devices.

They bring advanced capabilities such as real-time monitoring, seamless cloud integration, robust data management, and Electronic Health Records integration.

This collaboration leverages Galen Data’s secure medical device cloud platform and B-Secur’s FDA-cleared ECG algorithms and analytics, streamlining software development timelines, reducing costs, and mitigating operational risks for medical device companies.

Both companies in advancing cardiac care through innovative technology. He emphasized that their combined strengths enable them to deliver a unique solution that meets the needs of cardiac device companies efficiently and demonstrates the potential of cloud-based medical device data platforms comprehensively.

The partnership in the context of the expanding cardiac monitoring market, projected to reach USD 16 billion by 2030.

Expressed excitement about merging clinical-grade ECG algorithms with secure cloud connectivity to revolutionize patient monitoring.

Pitstick emphasized that the collaboration between Galen Data and B-Secur is poised to drive innovation and enhance the capabilities of cardiac health monitoring, offering a comprehensive and reliable platform for the future of cardiac care.


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