Babson Diagnostics Introduces BetterWay Service in Austin

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Babson Diagnostics has introduced BetterWay, a groundbreaking blood testing service designed to improve patient experience and accessibility.

BetterWay uses a small fingertip blood sample, eliminating the need for traditional venous blood draws and making testing more convenient and comfortable for patients. This innovative service is now available at selected locations in Austin, including H-E-B Pharmacy and Peoples Rx.

It employs automated technology and a state-of-the-art microsample lab to deliver accurate results swiftly, typically within a day.

BetterWay aims to address common barriers to testing, such as fear of needles and inconvenience, by offering testing at familiar retail locations with extended hours, including weekends.

This patient-centered approach supports preventative care and chronic condition management, accepts insurance, and provides competitive self-pay pricing.

As Babson expands its partnerships and locations in Austin and San Antonio, BetterWay continues to redefine accessible, high-quality blood testing.


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