Bc Platforms Enhances Data Partner Network By Collaborating With Prominent Brazilian Cardiovascular Health Institution

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

BC Platforms (BCP), a well-known healthcare data management and analytics company, recently announced a partnership with Hospital do Coração (HCor), a prominent cardiology center in Brazil. The collaboration aims to enhance drug discovery and development through analytics by leveraging real-world data from HCor, which will be integrated into BCP's Global Data Partner network, BCRQUEST.COM.

HCor is a multidisciplinary healthcare institution specializing in cardiology and encompassing over fifty different specialties. It possesses valuable longitudinal patient data, particularly focused on cardiovascular conditions such as atrial fibrillation, heart failure, and stroke. BCRQUEST.COM already holds an extensive collection of real-world data from over 65 million patient lives across six continents, including South America.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a significant cause of disability and premature death globally, and Brazil experiences a high prevalence of CVD-related fatalities. Genetic characterization and understanding patient outcomes can help in early prevention and the development of personalized treatment approaches. BC Platforms previously announced a partnership with a Mexican genotype and phenotype biobank, enabling the study of genetic variations in the Latin American population.

Dr. Carolin Bender, Chief Medical Officer at BC Platforms, emphasizes the importance of diverse and representative global healthcare data to reduce biases in healthcare research and promote equitable healthcare. The partnership with HCor provides access to real-world data from patients affected by cardiovascular diseases, fostering innovation in healthcare and research.

Dr. Alexandre Biasi, Director of Education and Research at HCor, highlights the institution's commitment to digitalization and the integration of technology into various operational sectors. The collaboration with BC Platforms and the utilization of BCRQUEST.COM's data platform further accelerate HCor's efforts to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency With an average daily patient count of 79,469 and around 10,520 annual hospitalizations serving the municipality of São Paulo, HCor handles a significant volume of cases while maintaining high-quality care standards. The institution conducts approximately 3 million clinical pathology tests annually. Since 2021, HCor has made significant strides in digitalization by implementing an electronic medical records system and integrating technology across its operations.

There is a growing demand among cardiovascular professionals for better tools to analyze large datasets encompassing electronic health records, genetic data, lifestyle information, and environmental factors. Identifying patterns, correlations, and risk factors associated with CVDs could lead to the development of novel predictive models for assessing an individual's risk of developing CVDs, enabling targeted preventive interventions and personalized treatment strategies. BC Platforms' extensive data holdings may prove invaluable in achieving these goals and advancing new therapeutic options for the treatment of CVD on a global scale.

The global market for CVD drugs is expected to exceed USD 96 billion by 2026. Leading pharmaceutical companies in this domain, including BMS, Bayer AG, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, and Pfizer, are investing in CVD research and development.


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