BD Commits to World Economic Forum's Zero Health Gaps Pledge

Monday, December 11, 2023

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), a leading global medical technology company listed on the NYSE as BDX, has recently pledged its support for the Zero Health Gaps initiative introduced by the World Economic Forum. This affirmation underscores the company's enduring dedication to enhancing accessibility and fostering health equity in underserved communities worldwide. The comprehensive pledge comprises ten commitments that seamlessly integrate health equity principles into the fabric of the company's strategy and social investments. The overarching goal is to expedite progress towards equity and promote positive health outcomes.

One fundamental principle emphasized by BD is that a health system's capacity to deliver critical, life-saving health technologies should not be contingent on geographic location or the demographics and socioeconomic status of its patients. BD highlights its historical contributions to global health, including providing syringes for the first polio vaccine trial and facilitating access to HIV and tuberculosis testing. Moreover, BD played a pivotal role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering millions of tests and two billion syringes, thereby fortifying health systems and extending access to vulnerable populations.

The commitment extends across various key areas, including ensuring access to critical health technologies globally, leveraging technology and innovation to guarantee widespread access to life-saving technologies, and forging public-private partnerships. BD commits to collaborating with governments and global humanitarian organizations to advocate for and support health systems catering to under-represented populations, fostering an environment conducive to increased healthcare access.

Furthermore, BD pledges to make strategic investments in health system strengthening. This involves building, strengthening, and sustaining critical competencies and resources necessary for improving healthcare delivery in under-resourced settings. The company aims to address the root causes of health inequities through these targeted investments.

BD cites specific ongoing initiatives as part of its commitment, including supporting early cervical cancer screening in Kenya and Colombia, contributing to the Global HPV Consortium, expanding AMR diagnostics in low- and middle-income countries, providing diagnostic tools to U.S.-based free and charitable clinics, and deploying volunteers to train healthcare workers in under-resourced health systems in North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Eswatini.

In essence, BD's commitment to the Zero Health Gaps Pledge underscores its proactive stance in advancing global health equity and actively working towards mitigating healthcare disparities.


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