Biocomposites broadens its range with the introduction of SYNICEM™ spacers in the United Kingdom

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Biocomposites, an international medical devices company specializing in the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of cutting-edge products for infection management in bone and soft tissue, is thrilled to introduce SYNICEMTM hip, knee, and shoulder preformed spacers in the United Kingdom. These spacers have proven successful in patients undergoing joint surgery.

SYNICEMTM spacers, designed to address the limitations of traditional intra-operative moulded and handmade spacers, are antibiotic-loaded and preformed. They offer crucial support for surgeons performing revisions on the hip, knee, and shoulder by preserving articular space and aiding in infection treatment. Known for their precision engineering, ensuring consistency and structural uniformity, SYNICEMTM spacers provide a high local concentration of gentamicin. They also offer case-by-case flexibility, saving surgeons valuable time during procedures. The UK launch of SYNICEMTM spacers follows Biocomposites' acquisition of Synimed, a medical device manufacturer based in France. This strategic acquisition has likely contributed to the expansion of Biocomposites' product portfolio and enhanced capabilities in the medical devices sector.

Overall, the introduction of SYNICEMTM spacers in the UK represents a significant advancement in infection management during joint surgery, offering potential benefits for patient outcomes and surgical efficiency.


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