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BioLab Sciences Dermistat™ is Changing the Wound Care Market

Friday, September 02, 2022

DermistatTM, one of the latest wound healing innovations by BioLab Sciences, a regenerative biotechnology company, has emerged as the go-to wound healing option for wound care specialists and podiatrists throughout the country. Introduced earlier this year, DermistatTM is a revolutionary regenerative therapy that is transforming the wound care industry by significantly decreasing healing times.

Part of the MyOwn SkinTM suite of products, DermistatTM uses a small sample of the patient’s healthy skin to create a gel-like substance that can create an autologous skin graft in 48 hours. Used for post-Mohs surgical wounds, burns and other hard-to-heal wounds including venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers, DermistatTM is non-invasive, improves recovery time, is relatively painless, and creates only a small, superficial donor site wound.

“DermistatTM is a game-changing technology that uses the patient’s own cells to speed wound healing,” said Bob Maguire, CEO and co-founder BioLab Sciences. “It is generating astounding patient outcomes across the wound care industry, and is becoming the go-to product to resolve chronic non-healing wounds.”

This novel biotechnology is based on the MyOwn SkinTM technology, which leverages a very small sample of a patient's own skin through a non-surgical procedure to reproduce the gel-like substance within 48 hours. In many cases, DermistatTM accelerates the healing of post-surgical and chronic wounds and because of its favorable outcomes, it is on track to disrupt the wound care industry.

“I was one of the first podiatrists to use DermistatTM,” said Dr. John Del Monte, DPM, owner of Del Monte Podiatry. “I have had the opportunity to use it on post amputations, diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers, and it is demonstrating success with ulcers that have stalled in healing or not progressing. Once applied it is showing an excellent take rate. It has demonstrated excellent healing rates on a majority of the ulcers I treat.”

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