Bionik Laboratories And Lifepoint Health Extend Partnership: Inmotion® Robotic Devices Installed At Four New Locations

Friday, June 16, 2023

Bionik Laboratories Corp. a robotics company specializing in neurological functional recovery solutions for stroke survivors and individuals with mobility challenges, is expanding its partnership with Lifepoint Health. The company recently announced the installation of four InMotion® ARM robotic devices in Phoenix, Arizona; Sacramento, California; Brownsburg, Indiana; and Louisville, Kentucky. These installations aim to improve the quality of stroke recovery care in these locations. Bionik offers its advanced technology directly to therapists and provides services to patients through its clinical centers.

Lifepoint Health is renowned for providing exceptional care to medically complex patients, operating approximately 37 rehabilitation hospitals across the United States. Bionik has formed a valuable partnership with Lifepoint Health, supplying their InMotion® ARM robotic devices to Lifepoint Health's Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs). These devices assist Lifepoint Health's existing patients in their recovery from stroke, brain, and spinal cord injuries.

The InMotion® ARM robotic devices developed by Bionik incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor a patient's movements during therapy, providing gentle assistance for various motor therapy activities. Compared to traditional therapy, where occupational therapists typically complete 30-60 movements per session, Bionik's devices can track up to 1,000 movements per session. This advanced technology has shown significant results, with patients experiencing improvements of up to 15-20% within a 14-day timeframe.

Bionik not only installs their devices in Lifepoint Health facilities but also provides ongoing training and education to hospital staff and therapists. This ensures that the robotics technology is effectively utilized, leading to positive patient outcomes. The impact of Bionik's devices on patient recovery has been highlighted in local media reports, particularly at Lifepoint Health locations in Tampa, Florida, and Cleveland, Ohio.

Richard Russo, Jr., CEO and President of Bionik, expressed the company's appreciation for the enduring partnership with Lifepoint Health. He described the expansion of InMotion® ARM robotic device installations within Lifepoint Health facilities as an exciting development in Bionik's growth and national rollout strategy. Russo emphasized the satisfaction of witnessing the widespread utilization of InMotion® devices across the nation, enabling stroke survivors to reclaim their previous quality of life.

Over the past year, Bionik has successfully deployed their devices in 32 Lifepoint Health hospitals throughout the United States. The company plans to continue this fruitful partnership by implementing further installations into 2024.

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