Blackford And Ai4medimaging Form Partnership To Strengthen Cardiac Mri Ai Solutions

Friday, August 11, 2023

Blackford, a pioneering strategic imaging AI platform and solutions provider, has established a strategic partnership with AI4MedImaging, a specialized provider of cardiac MRI solutions. This alliance introduces an exciting collaboration, aiming to integrate the AI4CMR solution seamlessly into the Blackford Platform, thereby enriching the platform's offerings. This integration will enable Blackford customers to automate the segmentation and quantification of cardiac MRI measurements.

Ben Panter, CEO of Blackford, shared the company's overarching mission, underlining their dedication to delivering AI solutions that optimize healthcare provider efficiency and elevate patient outcomes. He expressed his enthusiasm for broadening their array of cardiac MRI solutions within the Blackford Platform through this strategic collaboration with AI4MedImaging.

AI4CMR represents an advanced AI-driven solution meticulously designed to rapidly compute, precisely quantify, and comprehensively analyze measurements concerning both the left and right ventricles of the heart, all accomplished within an impressive 2-minute timeframe. Additionally, this innovation generates well-structured reports that seamlessly integrate with diverse reporting systems. A noteworthy feature of AI4CMR is its incorporation of a triage functionality for wall motion detection, a capability that holds the CE mark and is currently pending FDA approval.

Vítor Pereira, CEO and MD of AI4MedImaging, conveyed his excitement about this partnership, accentuating its potential to democratize Cardiac Magnetic Resonance analysis. As the inaugural cardiac AI solution to secure both CE and FDA approval, AI4CMR guarantees swift, accurate, and user-friendly analysis. The application of cutting-edge web-based cloud technology further ensures accessibility from any location.

Ultimately, the collaboration between Blackford and AI4MedImaging stands as a significant stride in the domain of cardiac MRI analysis. By seamlessly incorporating the AI4CMR solution into the Blackford Platform, both entities contribute to empowering healthcare providers and advancing the caliber of patient care.

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