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Body Vision Medical Introduces Upgraded LungVision™ System Featuring Enhanced AI Tomography Imaging, Streamlined Robotic Workflow, and Reduced Radiation Exposure

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Body Vision Medical has introduced its latest software update for the LungVision™ navigation and real-time imaging platform. This update includes advanced AI Tomography imaging, simplifies the workflow for robotic-assisted bronchoscopy (RAB), and reduces radiation exposure for both medical staff and patients during lung nodule biopsy procedures.

David Webster, the CEO of Body Vision Medical, highlighted the company's commitment to ongoing enhancements in AI-driven intraoperative imaging, enabling nearly CBCT-quality imaging in real-time using standard C-arm equipment.

The improved AI-driven imaging algorithms in this software release enhance navigational accuracy and diagnostic success during lung nodule biopsy procedures, delivering superior real-time image quality with LungVision™ AI Tomography.

Furthermore, the software streamlines the LungVision™ workflow when used alongside robotic bronchoscopy platforms like Ethicon Monarch and Ion by Intuitive Surgical. It eliminates the need for C-arm spins during registration, significantly reducing the time required for lung nodule biopsy procedures and minimizing radiation exposure for both medical staff and patients. With this update, radiation exposure is potentially one-third of the previous LungVision™ workflow when using a standard 2D C-arm, which was already approximately one-fifth of the dose per spin of a 3D-capable C-arm.

LungVision™ leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to convert X-ray images from any C-arm into real-time intraoperative CT scans. This groundbreaking technology empowers bronchoscopists to visualize pulmonary lesions in real-time during diagnostic bronchoscopy, enhancing the accuracy and precision of lung nodule biopsies. It has the potential to enable earlier-stage cancer detection and improve lung cancer survival rates.

Body Vision will showcase LungVision™ and the advantages of AI-powered intraoperative imaging at the CHEST 2023 Annual Meeting in Hawaii, emphasizing its use both as a standalone system and in conjunction with robotic bronchoscopy platforms. The software update will roll out to existing customers in the coming weeks.

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