Bruker Announces Agreement to Acquire Neurescence Inc., Bolstering Neuroscience Research Portfolio

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Bruker Corporation has announced its definitive agreement to acquire Neurescence Inc., a pioneering company that offers ultralight fiber-bundle Multiscopes™ for simultaneous multi-region optical functional neuroimaging. Neurescence's flagship product, Chromatone™, revolutionizes neuroimaging by relocating illumination and detection hardware away from the animal's head. This breakthrough enables researchers to simultaneously image and stimulate three sub-types of neurons in up to four regions, allowing for flexible investigation of the central nervous system with single-neuron resolution during naturalistic behavior. The integration of Neurescence's technology with Bruker's existing Ultima multiphoton solutions and recently acquired Inscopix head-mounted miniscopes creates strong synergies. The financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Dr. Yasaman Soudagar, Co-Founder and CEO of Neurescence, emphasized the benefits of their system, stating, "Our differentiated system provides a viable means of performing multi-region-of-interest investigation with minimal weight impact to subject animals. Now, with Bruker, we can greatly increase the worldwide reach of this technology, enabling researchers to gain deeper knowledge of neural network functions."

Dr. Mark R. Munch, President of the Bruker NANO Group, highlighted the significance of this acquisition, stating, "Along with our recent addition of Inscopix, this acquisition bolsters Bruker's position as the leading provider of freely behaving animal imaging and photostimulation. Neurescence's extremely flexible and lightweight fiber-bundle Multiscope™, combined with its off-animal approach, holds great potential to address diverse research needs and future trends, opening doors to advanced imaging modalities."

The acquisition of Neurescence by Bruker Corporation demonstrates their commitment to advancing the field of neuroimaging and expanding their portfolio of innovative solutions for researchers studying the complexities of the brain.

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