CardiAI Teams Up with Carleton University to Transform Medical Diagnostics

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

CardiAI, a leading biotechnology company specializing in innovative diagnostic solutions, has announced an unprecedented collaboration with Carleton University's Faculty of Engineering and Design. This partnership represents a significant step forward in advancing medical diagnostics through the utilization of Electrolyte Gated-FET (EG-FET) biosensor technology.

The alliance aims to leverage EG-FET biosensors for the detection of critical biomarkers in saliva and whole blood, potentially transforming point-of-care diagnostics and expanding healthcare applications. By combining CardiAI's biotechnology expertise with Carleton's excellence in electronics engineering, the collaboration holds great promise for the future of medical diagnostics.

This collaboration responds to the evolving healthcare landscape by addressing the need for accessible and efficient medical testing, particularly in remote areas. The innovative EG-FET biosensor technology is expected to democratize healthcare by providing accurate and rapid diagnostic results.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Cutting-Edge Biosensor Technology: The collaboration focuses on developing EG-FET biosensor platforms for detecting NT-proBNP and cardiac troponin biomarkers, offering highly sensitive and specific results beyond cardiovascular conditions.

Global Impact: The partnership aims to benefit local communities and have a global reach by improving the accessibility of medical tests through point-of-care diagnostics.

Integration with BioAro's BioEMR: CardiAI and Carleton University will integrate EG-FET biosensor technology with BioAro's BioEMR system, an AI-powered Telemedicine Platform and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, to streamline patient management and diagnostic reporting.

This partnership highlights the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing healthcare challenges and driving scientific progress. Together, CardiAI and Carleton University are committed to advancing technology that improves patient outcomes and fosters innovation in medical diagnostics.




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