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Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, Inc Brings CHD Detection to the Masses with PrecisionCHD™ Nationwide Rollout

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, Inc (Nasdaq: CDIO) has announced the nationwide launch of PrecisionCHD™, a groundbreaking test for the detection of coronary heart disease (CHD). This test represents a significant milestone in the battle against the most common type of heart disease, which is also the leading cause of heart attacks. PrecisionCHD™ is the latest addition to Cardio Diagnostics' suite of AI-driven molecular cardiovascular disease technologies.

The current methods of CHD detection, such as Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography (CCTA), have limitations in terms of accessibility and scalability. These tests require specialized infrastructure, expose patients to radiation, and are often not readily available in rural or underserved communities. This creates a disparity in the distribution of CHD detection tests, particularly when patients experience symptoms such as chest pain.

PrecisionCHD™ is a revolutionary test that integrates epigenetic and genetic biomarkers with AI technology. It simplifies the detection process by utilizing a blood sample, which can be easily obtained at a doctor's office or through a home collection procedure. The results of the PrecisionCHD™ test are available within 10 business days, offering a faster alternative to traditional methods like stress echocardiograms.

A key advantage of PrecisionCHD™ is its potential to promote health equity. Many counties in the US lack cardiology specialists, and this disproportionally affects areas with higher populations of Black residents. The remote deployability and scalability of PrecisionCHD™, along with other cardiovascular disease solutions from Cardio Diagnostics, aim to address this issue. Primary care clinicians can now assess the status of CHD, providing cutting-edge heart disease detection technologies to communities with higher rates of cardiovascular disease.

Meesha Dogan, Ph.D., CEO of Cardio Diagnostics, emphasizes the importance of technology-driven care models in achieving health equity. The nationwide availability of PrecisionCHD™ ensures that early detection of coronary heart disease is accessible to all individuals, regardless of their geographical location or race.

Dr. Damon Broyles, VP of Innovation at Mercy Technologies, acknowledges the impact of PrecisionCHD™ in extending healthcare developments to all segments of society. This innovative technology removes barriers in heart disease detection, promoting social justice and equality in chronic disease management. Underserved patient populations now have equal access to early detection of coronary heart disease, resulting in a transformative shift towards equitable healthcare.

PrecisionCHD™ is further enhanced by Cardio Diagnostics' proprietary Actionable Clinical Intelligence (ACI) platform. ACI provides clinicians with comprehensive, data-driven insights presented in a user-friendly format, helping them understand the unique molecular drivers of CHD for each patient.

By decoding an individual's specific heart health molecular blueprint, PrecisionCHD™ not only detects CHD but also provides valuable information for personalized intervention strategies. This predictive power has the potential to revolutionize patient health management, leading to improved outcomes, optimized resource utilization, and a healthier future for all.

PrecisionCHD™ sets a new standard in the fight against cardiovascular disease, serving as a crucial detection tool and driving proactive and personalized heart health management. Physicians, provider organizations, and patients can directly access PrecisionCHD™ by expressing their interest through the provided link.

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