Europeanhhm Launches Collaboration with Google Cloud, Bringing Transformative Ambient Monitoring Solution to More Health Systems

Tuesday, April 11, 2023, the pioneering AI-driven Smart Care Facility Platform in healthcare, today revealed a continuous collaboration with Google Cloud, making's range of groundbreaking care solutions available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Healthcare organizations and care facilities can now access the company's Virtual Nursing solution via Google Cloud Marketplace, ultimately making it easier for organizations to adopt's Smart Care Facility Platform.'s technology revolutionizes care environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes, by creating responsive facilities that optimize clinical and operational workflows, addressing some of the most pressing healthcare challenges today. As traditional care models become financially unsustainable and the nursing shortage calls for over 1 million new registered nurses by 2030, the healthcare system faces increasing pressure.'s platform harnesses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to establish the foundational infrastructure for unmatched awareness within the smart facility, automating labor-intensive processes, saving nurses' time, and minimizing the need for multiple technology systems by integrating ambient and virtual care workflows within a single platform.

"Our Smart Care Facility Platform, with generative AI, is ushering in new multimodal experiences that enhance and improve how clinicians work and interact with patients," said Chakri Toleti, CEO and founder. "Collaborating with Google Cloud allows us to introduce our Platform to a broader array of hospitals and nursing homes worldwide, streamlining clinical care operations and elevating care quality by enabling clinicians to focus on delivering more empathetic and timely care. We anticipate further collaboration opportunities with Google Cloud and are excited to continue revolutionizing healthcare together."'s Smart Care Facility Platform is now accessible on Google's Cloud Marketplace. This partnership between and Google Cloud will enable acute and post-acute facilities to engage with the company's platform seamlessly and securely.

"Ambient intelligence holds the potential to resolve numerous issues plaguing healthcare facilities today, from workforce shortages to disjointed patient care," said Riju Khetarpal, director of Healthcare and Life Sciences ISV Partnerships at Google Cloud. "'s ambient monitoring solution, now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, gives healthcare organizations the ability to easily integrate's technology with their existing systems."



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