Centricity Vision Announces Launch of ZEPTO Plus Handpiece for the ZEPTO Intraocular Lens Positioning System

Friday, September 30, 2022

Centricity Vision Inc., a global ophthalmic technology company and developer of the ZEPTO IOL Positioning System™, today announced the launch of ZEPTO Plus™, a new, innovative addition to its handpiece portfolio. ZEPTO Plus provides a choice for surgeons who prefer a slightly larger capsulotomy created with the same clinically proven technology available with the current ZEPTO® handpiece. ZEPTO Plus will be introduced at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting Sept. 30–Oct. 3 in Chicago.

"Creating a well-formed capsulotomy centered on the patient's visual axis is essential for optimal lens positioning and stability, during the most critical step of cataract surgery. The ZEPTO IOL Positioning System is the first and only device that creates an instantaneous capsulotomy for precise, 360-degree IOL overlap and improved patient outcomes," said William Trattler, MD.


Using ZEPTO's precision pulse technology, the ZEPTO Plus handpiece creates a precise, circular opening in the anterior capsule of approximately 5.4 mm for surgeons who prefer a larger capsulotomy to better support the surgical needs of each patient. Together with the original ZEPTO handpiece that creates an approximately 5.1 mm capsulotomy, ZEPTO Plus provides options ideal for both premium IOLs and complex cases that require enhanced precision.

In just 4 milliseconds, ZEPTO applies 12 simultaneous micro-pulses of energy, resulting in a rapid-phase transition of water molecules to precisely cleave the anterior capsule membrane.
ZEPTO enables surgeons to center the capsulotomy on the patient's visual axis using Purkinje reflections.1
Clinical studies demonstrate ZEPTO creates precise, strong, and centered capsulotomies with 360-degree IOL overlap, for optimal positioning and improved visual outcomes.2-4

"Most surgeons rely on manual capsulorhexis creation, which can result in significant inconsistencies in shape, size, and positioning, which can compromise postoperative lens stability and long-term outcomes three months and beyond. The ZEPTO technology allows surgeons to create a strong, circular, precisely centered capsulotomy – every time. With ZEPTO Plus, we continue to expand the ZEPTO portfolio to better serve surgeons and their patients," said Centricity Vision President and CEO Rob Thornhill.

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