Children's Hospital Alliance and Quantum Health Unveil New Healthcare Navigation Platform for Members

Friday, December 15, 2023

Quantum Health, a leading provider of consumer healthcare navigation and care coordination services, has teamed up with the Children's Hospital Association (CHA), a distinguished organization with over 220 member children's hospitals and related entities. The collaboration aims to introduce Quantum Health's healthcare navigation platform to all CHA member hospitals. Drawing on Quantum Health's proven success in serving top children's hospitals nationwide, this partnership offers CHA member hospitals preferred access to Quantum Health's navigation care solutions.

The goal is to enhance benefits management, drive financial improvements in hospital systems, and address pressing challenges faced by children's hospitals, including managing employee stress, addressing increased youth mental health needs, and navigating workforce shortages exacerbated by the pandemic.

Under this vendor relationship, CHA member hospitals will provide Quantum Health's navigation solutions to their employees, striving for an improved overall healthcare experience. Quantum Health, currently serving 16 hospital clients, including four children's hospitals, employs a tech-empowered and human-centric approach that seamlessly integrates navigation and high-quality care coordination.

Utilizing its proprietary Real-Time Intercept® model, Quantum Health proactively guides members through medical authorizations and quality care navigation, supported by in-house pharmacists and nurses. This platform facilitates direct interaction between employees and medical professionals in a peer-to-peer manner. The Real-Time Intercept concept goes beyond employee engagement, influencing healthcare journeys proactively for both employees and providers. This departure from traditional care management models emphasizes early engagement over reactive responses, contributing to cost savings and improved quality of care.






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