Chindex Medical Acquires 10 ViewRay MRIdian® Systems for Advanced Cancer Treatment

Friday, January 06, 2023

ViewRay, Inc. announced today that Chindex Medical Limited (Chindex), through its subsidiary, has ordered 10 MRIdian® MR-Guided Therapy Systems. Chindex, a subsidiary of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. (Fosun Pharma), has been ViewRay's distribution partner since 2019. MRIdian received regulatory approval in September 2022 from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), allowing for its sale and utilization throughout China. This approval expands MRIdian's global reach and offers cancer patients a new radiation therapy option, MRIdian Stereotactic MRI-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy (SMART).

"The integration of a ground-breaking radiation therapy system that's guided by MRI is key to remaining at the forefront of personalized cancer care," said Marie Li, CEO of Chindex. "MRIdian will allow physicians to offer a leading-edge, state-of-the-art technology to address the increasing burden of cancer prevalence in China."

"We are excited to deepen our Fosun Pharma relations by announcing this level of commitment from our partners at Chindex," said Scott Drake, the president and CEO of ViewRay. "Chindex is focused on driving innovation and challenging the status quo of radiation oncology in China, bringing MRIdian's advanced technology to a deserving patient population."

The MRIdian system provides oncologists outstanding anatomical visualization through diagnostic-quality MR images and the ability to adapt a radiation therapy plan to the targeted cancer with the patient on the table. This combination allows physicians to define tight treatment margins to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure of vulnerable organs-at-risk and healthy tissue and allows the delivery of ablative radiation doses in five or fewer treatment sessions, without relying on implanted markers. By providing real-time continuous tracking of the target and organs at risk, MRIdian enables automatic gating of the radiation beam if the target moves outside the user-defined margins. This allows for the delivery of the prescribed dose to the target while sparing surrounding healthy tissue and critical structures, which results in minimizing toxicities typically associated with conventional radiation therapy.

To date, over 27,000 patients have been treated with MRIdian. Currently, 56 MRIdian systems are installed at hospitals around the world where they are used to treat a wide variety of solid tumors and are the focus of numerous ongoing research efforts. MRIdian has been the subject of hundreds of peer-reviewed publications, scientific meeting abstracts, and presentations.

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