Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Teams Up with inHEART to Distribute AI-Driven Digital Twin of the Heart for Advanced Cardiac Procedural Planning in the Electrophysiology Lab

Friday, May 17, 2024

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging and inHEART have announced a significant global distribution agreement. This partnership enables Circle to promote and market inHEART's advanced, AI-enabled digital twin of the heart through its worldwide sales network.

The collaboration aims to accelerate the global commercialization of inHEART's procedural planning software solution, which optimizes image-guided cardiac ablations.

The inHEART solution generates highly detailed, interactive 3D heart models using proprietary AI-driven segmentation of cardiac CT or MR images.

These models enable interactive exploration of cardiac anatomy, structures, and myocardial tissue characteristics. This allows physicians to tailor treatment strategies based on each patient's unique cardiac anatomy, resulting in faster ablation procedures and improved clinical outcomes.

Additionally, the inHEART system seamlessly integrates into all major electro-anatomical mapping (EAM) systems for use during ablation procedures.

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (CVI) is recognized for its multi-modal AI-based solutions that streamline cardiac imaging and reporting workflows across various cardiac conditions.

The Circle cvi42 platform offers clinically validated tools that integrate seamlessly into existing clinical workflows, aiding clinicians with cardiac function quantification, visualization of tissue abnormalities, plaque quantification within coronary arteries, and specialized workflows for pre-procedural planning in interventions like TAVR/TMVR and left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) procedures through TruPlan software.

With the integration of inHEART's AI-driven cardiac models to optimize cardiac ablation procedures in the electrophysiology (EP) lab, this partnership provides cardiovascular professionals with comprehensive tools and insights to deliver high-quality patient care while optimizing practice performance.

"We are thrilled to partner with Circle to deliver the inHEART solution to more cardiac patients across the globe," stated CEO and President of inHEART. "We look forward to quickly expanding our global reach, especially into the Asia-Pacific markets with Circle's established sales network and expertise in cardiac care.

This partnership allows us to continue with our mission to deliver world-class imaging expertise to all cardiac patients."

"Timely and accurate diagnostic imaging is critical to support a patient-centric approach to diagnosing and treating heart disease," Chief Executive Officer at Circle Cardiovascular Imaging.

Excited to partner with inHEART to improve access to advanced EP pre-procedural planning. Alongside our market-leading MR and CT capabilities for various cardiac conditions, this partnership further solidifies Circle and the cvi42 platform as the most comprehensive software solution for cardiac imaging."



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