Clarius Gets CE Certification for Dual-Transducer Wireless Ultrasound System

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Clarius Mobile Health, a prominent player in the wireless ultrasound solutions industry, recently obtained CE Marking for its groundbreaking Clarius PAL HD3 ultrasound system. This handheld, wireless full-body device integrates phased and linear arrays on a single head, delivering exceptional image quality for both superficial and deep anatomy at the bedside.

The compact Clarius PAL HD3, similar in size to an iPhone, seamlessly pairs with iOS or Android devices, providing easy mobility across patients. Distinguished by its ability to capture high-resolution skin images up to 40 cm deep, it stands out as the sole portable full-body scanner with this capability. With a lineup of 11 wireless portable ultrasound systems, including the PAL HD3, Clarius empowers healthcare professionals to conduct comprehensive ultrasound exams without the inconvenience of device changes or the burden of transporting bulky systems between rooms.

The Clarius PAL HD3 has gained substantial market traction since its U.S. introduction, meeting the diverse clinical needs of hospital physicians and supporting various exams. Leveraging advanced 8-beam technology, Clarius ultrasound systems consistently deliver superior image quality, providing eight times the speed and performance of alternative handheld devices. This technological edge ensures clear, detailed images for guiding procedures and facilitating precise, swift assessments at the bedside.






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