Collaboration Between Cancer Research UK and Guardant Health Aims to Propel Advancements in Cancer Research and Clinical Development

Monday, December 04, 2023

Cancer Research UK, a prominent global supporter of cancer research, in collaboration with its innovation branch Cancer Research Horizons, has partnered with Guardant Health, Inc. (Nasdaq: GH), a leading precision oncology company. The collaboration is designed to foster the exchange of technologies, data, and insights to enhance the precision of cancer detection and treatment.

This joint effort opens avenues for discussions regarding the support of Cancer Research UK's research and clinical development initiatives, with a specific emphasis on clinical trials conducted by its Centre for Drug Development. This encompasses various projects, including the DETERMINE trial, the first national precision medicine trial in rare cancers in the UK, along with other research collaborations under the umbrella of Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Horizons.

Potential collaborative activities include the sharing of data and samples from the Cancer Research UK-funded research network, aiming to further refine and validate Guardant's technologies. The partnership also explores opportunities to expedite the discovery and development of cancer drugs and diagnostics. By aligning with Cancer Research UK, Guardant Health gains a unique opportunity to validate its cutting-edge technologies, such as the proprietary InfinityTM platform, while extending crucial support to individuals with rare cancers and others who could benefit significantly from precision oncology.

Through this strategic partnership, Guardant Health aims to deepen its collaboration with Cancer Research UK, merging state-of-the-art biotechnological advancements with an expansive reach, covering over 200 clinical trials and studies involving more than a million people in the UK.


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