CompuGroup Medical confirms market-leading position with strategic acquisition of Medicus Laboratory Information Systems

Friday, December 09, 2022

CompuGroup Medical US (CGM), a global leader in healthcare technology and tech-enabled services, is broadening its US presence with the acquisition of Medicus Laboratory Information Systems (Medicus) from Diagnostic Systems Consulting, LLC, an established developer of laboratory information systems with headquarters in Weston, Florida.

Medicus has been a known and trusted brand for more than 15 years in the development of laboratory management software and middleware and provides consulting services to laboratories across the United States. The Medicus Laboratory Information System (LIS) has been installed in more than 1,000 laboratories nationwide.

"I am proud of the team that made this acquisition possible," said Derek Pickell, CEO, CompuGroup Medical US. "With this deal, no other company serves more small- to mid-sized laboratories in the US than CGM. This will also benefit customers of Medicus by giving them access to numerous, high-value CompuGroup Medical technologies and revenue cycle management solutions and services. This is a great strategic fit for us and our customers. It will further enable CGM's recognized abilities at driving efficiency and helping laboratories to sustain their business in a difficult market. In turn, this ultimately benefits patients by supporting nationwide availability of affordable lab services."

Building on 35 years of success with CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System, CompuGroup Medical is now the largest provider of LIS software to physician office laboratories and reference labs in the US.

"With a shared passion for enabling the best possible care, both Medicus and CGM LABDAQ are designed to facilitate the quick, accurate, and secure transfer of data and test results" said Carl Smith, General Manager Lab Division, CompuGroup Medical US. "We are excited about this union's beneficial impact on our current and future clients."

The acquisition of Medicus will further enable CompuGroup Medical to grow its relationships with large, value-added resellers in the US healthcare market. CGM will also be able to leverage the expansive Medicus network of healthcare organizations and consultants selling its LIS solutions within the healthcare continuum.

The Medicus LIS team will become part of CompuGroup Medical US and will continue to deliver excellent products and services with the opportunity to expand, grow, and offer even more comprehensive laboratory data management and revenue cycle management solutions. The CGM portfolio, including the CGM LABDAQ, CGM SCHUYLAB, and CGM AP EASY laboratory information systems, provides "best fit" options and services to meet the demands of our dynamic healthcare environment.

"We are excited about joining a great team. Our ongoing commitment to helping providers, laboratory professionals, and their patients just became much stronger," said Karen Bornstein, President of Medicus Laboratory Information Systems.

Based in Austin, Texas, and with offices across the United States, CompuGroup Medical US is the North American division of CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA.

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