CTL Amedica Introduces Cutting-Edge MONDRIAN™ ALIF System at the University of Miami

Saturday, November 04, 2023

CTL Amedica is preparing to introduce the innovative MONDRIAN™ Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) System to a select audience of surgeons and distributors. This unique unveiling represents a significant milestone as it is the first opportunity for the spine industry to engage with the MONDRIAN™ ALIF System in a hands-on lab setting. Boasting FDA approval, this implant system combines a titanium plate-and-cage structure with CTL Amedica's proprietary TiCRO™ surface technology, which enhances bone interlocking capabilities.

The MONDRIAN™ ALIF System has been meticulously designed to provide anterior column stabilization and supplementary fixation, accommodating a wide range of patient anatomies and surgical preferences. Its features include a streamlined and tapered leading edge for ease of insertion, a spacious central chamber to maximize biological graft volume, an exclusive screw-locking mechanism, and an additional screw-blocking plate for extra reinforcement.

The system also offers hyperlordotic cage options for addressing complex corrections, multiple screw plate configurations to enhance surgical versatility, and CTL Amedica's own precisely machined TiCRO™ surface technology, which provides a larger surface area compared to previous models, resulting in significantly improved bony endplate contact.


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