CTL Amedica's MONET ACIF Receives Approval for Utilization in Mexico

Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Mexican regulatory body, Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios, has officially sanctioned the usage of CTL Amedica Corporation’s MONET™ Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion (ACIF) System within the country.

Tailored specifically for anterior cervical interbody fusion procedures addressing patients with cervical disc disease, the MONET™ ACIF System features an additional fixation plate to provide a comprehensive solution for interbody cage fusion. This versatile system is crafted to meet diverse anatomical needs, underscoring the commitment to advanced medical solutions prioritizing both patient well-being and surgical excellence. Noteworthy characteristics of the MONET™ ACIF System include:

  • Applicability for skeletally mature patients
  • Design for single-level fusion, spanning disc levels C2 to C7
  • Inclusion of a supplemental fixation plate for heightened stability
  • Availability in a wide array of sizes and configurations

The MONET™ ACIF System is offered in both two-hole and four-hole plate systems with various cage options, such as traditional PEEK, and CTL Amedica’s exclusive TI (TiCRO™) and silicon nitride alternatives. CTL Amedica’s TiCRO™ surface technology ensures increased bony endplate contact through a larger surface area, while silicon nitride showcases superior protein absorption, heightened osseointegration, and accelerated fusion. Notably, CTL Amedica holds the exclusive position as the world’s provider of silicon nitride spine products.

Operating as an innovative medical device design, development, and manufacturing company, CTL Amedica has its headquarters and in-house manufacturing facility in Texas, alongside a Research and Development Center of Excellence based in Pennsylvania.


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