Lawson Health Research Institute Successfully Implements the Initial BrainPET Insert System by Cubresa

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Cubresa, in partnership with St. Joseph's Health Care London and the Lawson Health Research Institute, has accomplished a major milestone by installing the inaugural BrainPET Insert System. This achievement signifies a significant breakthrough in brain imaging technology and highlights the organizations dedication to advancing healthcare research.

The Cubresa BrainPET, a portable and high-performance PET scanner designed specifically for PET/MRI brain imaging, has been successfully installed at St.Joseph's Health Care London in partnership with the Lawson Health Research Institute. Dr. Jonathan Thiessen, an Imaging Scientist at Lawson, expressed excitement about the new technology, stating that the BrainPET, operating within their existing 3T MRI, will significantly improve brain imaging capabilities with superior image resolution. The high-resolution PET/MRI system will have various applications, such as enhancing the diagnosis of dementia, improving the detection of epileptic foci, and advancing the understanding of the aging brain. The collaboration with Cubresa will enable the exploration of new research and clinical applications for the device, solidifying Lawson and St. Joseph's position at the forefront of PET/MRI technology development and clinical research.

The Cubresa BrainPET serves as a diagnostic imaging research tool, enabling the detection, localization, and diagnosis of brain diseases and disorders. It will play a vital role in evaluating neurological diseases and brain cancers.

Dr. James Schellenberg, Cubresa's Founder and CEO, expressed pride in this achievement and the exciting possibilities it brings to brain imaging. Cubresa's Foundational Client Program, of which Lawson is a part, aims to support leading brain research institutions by providing the innovative BrainPET system, allowing simultaneous PET/MR imaging and enhancing brain-focused research activities.


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