Curium and PIUR IMAGING Join Forces in Germany to Pave the Way for Innovative 3D Ultrasound Solutions in Thyroid Imaging

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Curium, a global leader in the field of nuclear medicine, has joined forces with PIUR IMAGING, a pioneering European medical device company specializing in tomographic 3D ultrasound solutions. This strategic partnership, announced today, is aimed at advancing thyroid diagnostics within the German healthcare sector.

Under the terms of their collaboration, PIUR IMAGING will be responsible for the ongoing development and provision of both the hardware and software solution. Simultaneously, Curium will exclusively handle the distribution of this product in the realm of nuclear medicine throughout Germany. The partnership represents a significant leap forward in the field of medical imaging, holding the promise of positively impacting cancer patient care and treatment outcomes. Drawing on Curium's rich legacy in nuclear medicine and its commitment to reshaping the cancer experience, this partnership leverages PIUR's 'tUS Infinity,' a cutting-edge AI-driven imaging solution.

The 'tUS Infinity,' offered by PIUR IMAGING, seamlessly transforms standard ultrasound systems into advanced tomographic 3D imaging devices. This groundbreaking solution empowers healthcare professionals to perform full volume acquisitions and 3D analysis of the thyroid organ, including the identification of potential nodules. The AI-driven software assists in the classification of nodules according to ACR-TIRADS criteria and offers comprehensive documentation capabilities for diagnostic results. As a result, the PIUR tUS Infinity not only streamlines workflow efficiency but also enhances transparency and reproducibility. This partnership marks a significant advancement in thyroid diagnostics, propelling the field to new heights in healthcare.


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