CytoSorb® Becomes a Featured Blood Purification Therapy on Fresenius Medical Care Critical Care Platforms

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Fresenius Medical Care and CytoSorbents Corporation have expanded their partnership by establishing a multi-stage global collaboration to combat life-threatening diseases in critical care for an initial term of three years. The new agreement provides for the combined marketing and promotion of CytoSorb® with Fresenius Medical Care's critical care products by Fresenius Medical Care's marketing organization worldwide, excluding the United States. Compared to the prior co-marketing agreement, this agreement increases the commitments from both parties and ensures an ongoing and consistent level of marketing and promotional activity specifically focused around CytoSorb, where Fresenius Medical Care will actively market and promote CytoSorb as the featured blood purification therapy for removal of cytokines, bilirubin, and myoglobin on its critical care platforms. Over the next three years, various Fresenius Medical Care-led in-person, virtual, social media, and web-based marketing programs and events will feature CytoSorb therapy and highlight the cooperation between the two companies in the field of critical care.

"As part of Fresenius Medical Care's commitment to providing our customers with leading solutions for their critical care patients, we are pleased to announce this new global collaboration with CytoSorbents," said Dr. Olaf Schermeier, CEO of Critical Care at Fresenius Medical Care. "With the ability to seamlessly integrate CytoSorb with our multiFiltratePRO acute dialysis platform that is routinely used throughout the world today, we have the opportunity to positively impact patient care for various life-threatening conditions such as sepsis, liver failure, trauma, lung injury, and many others."

Dr. Christian Steiner, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of CytoSorbents commented, "CytoSorb adds a powerful new dimension of blood purification to Fresenius Medical Care's critical care portfolio. It is specifically designed to reduce toxic levels of cytokines, bilirubin, and myoglobin that can lead to organ failure. The process is similar to hemodialysis, mastered by Fresenius Medical Care to treat kidney failure, which removes accumulated small to medium-sized, water-soluble molecules and toxins from the bloodstream. However, CytoSorb adds the ability to remove large molecules and toxins that are poorly removed by hemodialysis. Combined, the two therapies work together in a complementary manner to provide treatment for a broad range of conditions in the intensive care unit."

Dr. Steiner went on to highlight the importance of this collaboration stating, "Together with Fresenius Medical Care, we now have the ability to broadly and consistently communicate the benefits of CytoSorb therapy to customers throughout the world. In addition, it enables us to execute targeted marketing campaigns in collaboration with Fresenius Medical Care which will help to accelerate the introduction and adoption of CytoSorb. Overall, I believe this will be the starting point for further exciting developments on both the medical and business fronts."

Mr. Chris Cramer, Vice President of Business Development at CytoSorbents commented, "We are excited to expand our relationship with our long-standing partner, Fresenius Medical Care. This agreement promotes a stronger collaboration with Fresenius Medical Care's global commercial organization to more effectively bring our CytoSorb therapy to more customers around the world as a featured blood purification solution on Fresenius Medical Care's critical care platforms.  We believe the synergy has the potential to create sustained and broader growth for both companies over time and is just the first of multiple opportunities to offer our combined critical care solutions."

In addition to strengthening and expanding the global marketing of CytoSorb, CytoSorbents and Fresenius Medical Care also plan to work together to bring new innovative solutions to the market. The agreement also includes the certification of compatibility between CytoSorb and Fresenius Medical Care's current critical care platforms. To help support the increased marketing and promotional efforts of the expanded collaboration, CytoSorbents has agreed to subsidize a portion of the marketing costs through a royalty payment to Fresenius Medical Care based on CytoSorb sales in the intensive care unit on Fresenius Medical Care platforms, excluding the United States.

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