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Dexcom Introduces Dexcom One+: Empowering More Individuals with Advanced Diabetes Management Technology

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Dexcom, a global leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology for people with diabetes, has introduced its latest CGM system, Dexcom ONE+. Currently available in Spain, Belgium, and Poland, with a rollout scheduled for the Netherlands next week, Dexcom ONE+ marks a significant advancement in diabetes management.

Replacing the previous Dexcom ONE sensor in certain regions, Dexcom ONE+ incorporates Dexcom's top-notch sensor design, known for its accuracy and reliability. The development process involved extensive input from both users and healthcare professionals to ensure a user-friendly and effective experience, particularly for those managing Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes with insulin.

Dexcom ONE+ comes equipped with features such as the ability to add notes during significant moments like meals, insulin administration, or physical activities. This added functionality enhances transparency and facilitates more informed decision-making for both users and their healthcare teams.

For individuals grappling with the challenges of traditional fingerprick testing and insulin injections, Dexcom ONE+ aims to simplify the diabetes management process. Its intuitive design makes it accessible even to newcomers to CGM technology. By providing real-time glucose insights without the need for painful fingerpricks, Dexcom ONE+ streamlines the journey toward achieving long-term glucose control.

Additionally, Dexcom ONE+ allows users to share their glucose data with up to ten individuals, offering peace of mind to their loved ones. The system also boasts discreet wear options and customizable features like the 'delay first high' setting, which helps prevent alert fatigue by allowing users to set personalized thresholds for high glucose alerts.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into users' lives, Dexcom ONE+ features the highest waterproof rating among CGM brands, ensuring confidence during daily activities such as showering or exercising. With Dexcom ONE+, individuals with diabetes can experience simplified, reliable, and peace-of-mind-driven diabetes management.




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