"Dexcom Introduces Revolutionary Sensor Alongside Startling Insights on Anxiety and Depression in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Monday, May 20, 2024

DexCom, a leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for individuals with diabetes, has introduced Dexcom ONE+, a new CGM device aimed at facilitating real-time glucose tracking to enhance diabetes management.

Concurrently, Dexcom has unveiled the Dexcom State of Type 2 Report, which provides insights into the Type 2 diabetes landscape, including the preferences and behaviors of those affected, along with their caregivers and healthcare providers.

This report is intended to be a valuable resource for healthcare professionals supporting individuals with Type 2 diabetes and to empower those living with the condition by reducing feelings of isolation.

During Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week in the UK, findings from the inaugural State of Type 2 Report revealed that almost half (49%) of individuals diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes were unaware of the condition's effects.

Presently, 63% of those surveyed report difficulties in managing their diabetes, citing challenges related to dietary improvements and mental health. Notably, 42% of respondents, including individuals with diabetes and caregivers, noted negative impacts on mental health, with anxiety (61%) and depression (52%) being the most common effects.

Additionally, nearly half (48%) of the respondents believe that monitoring their glucose levels could improve their condition management, while 39% express a desire for more awareness of available care options.

On a positive note, recent research has shown a link between real-time CGM usage, such as Dexcom ONE+, and improved diabetes management. The study suggests that real-time feedback on the effects of dietary and exercise choices can motivate individuals to make positive changes, potentially leading to significant improvements in glycemic control.

Vice President of Northern Europe, South Africa, Israel, and Malta at Dexcom, acknowledges the significant impact of Type 2 diabetes on various aspects of individuals' lives, particularly their mental well-being.

She underscores Dexcom's commitment to addressing the needs of the Type 2 community through innovative solutions like Dexcom ONE+, which offers user-friendly features and motivational benefits by providing clear insights into the impact of lifestyle choices on glucose levels.

Baxter emphasizes that real-time feedback can alleviate the frustration often experienced by individuals managing Type 2 diabetes, enabling a better understanding and management of their condition.


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