DiagnaMed Launches, a Generative AI Brain Health Solution

Friday, May 26, 2023

DiagnaMed Holdings Corp., a generative AI healthcare solutions company, is pleased to announce the launch of (, a generative AI brain health solution powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT for people seeking an AI companion to have meaningful private conversations, friendly advice and share inner thoughts. is the Company’s second commercial product from its Health GenAI division, which is focused on the development and commercialization of a suite of generative AI ready-made and customizable applications to support the healthcare market in improving patient outcomes, operational workflow and efficiency. is designed to have natural, human-like chats and become a part of everyday life for people seeking a private companion through engaging and concise text messages via SMS chat. is ready to learn and offer practical advice, self-improvement, emotional support, and resources. In addition, is a private space for sharing thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, memories, and dreams. Once a user signs up for the service, sends personalized messages based on their previous interactions. It also schedules daily check-in messages for users not engaged in a day, sends reminder messages before their free trial ends, and they can cancel their subscription anytime via text. available with a 3-day free trial at

Fabio Chianelli, Chairman of DiagnaMed, commented: "We are excited to launch our second generative AI-powered product,, as a potential tool in improving overall brain health. We are developing and commercializing OpenAI ChatGPT powered solutions to incorporate into our CERVAI™ generative AI brain health platform and for the mass market for those seeking a complementary tool for achieving their overall brain health goals.” was born from the Company’s knowledge, development experience and features of its proprietary generative AI brain health platform, CERVAI™, targeting patients, licensed medical professionals, hospitals, and life science companies. will also be incorporated into the CERVAI™ platform, offering patients a full suite of solutions to improve their brain health.

According to, generative AI in the healthcare market is set to reach approximately USD 17 billion by 2032, driven by the adoption of automation by healthcare operators in drug discovery and development, medical imaging and diagnostics, personalized medical interventions, and hospitals and clinical decision support systems. DiagnaMed is organized to focus on its two divisions, CERVAI™, a generative AI brain health platform, and Health GenAI, with the aim to become a leader in generative AI solutions for the healthcare market.


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