Digital Therapeutics Alliance and Healthware Group Collaborate to Release Inaugural DTx Policy Report and Website,

Monday, June 12, 2023

Healthware Group and the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) have partnered to establish the European DTx Policy Coalition. The coalition aims to create comprehensive frameworks for the use of digital medical devices (DMD) and digital therapeutics (DTx). They have recently launched their inaugural report, titled "DTx Policy Pathways: the evolving scenario in Europe; Landscape Analysis & Converging Trends," and a dedicated website (

The report focuses on analyzing existing and developing policy frameworks in Europe, providing insights into fit-for-purpose appraisal criteria used in countries with established frameworks. It also identifies converging trends that can facilitate harmonization and scalability across Europe and beyond.

The website offers various tools and resources to promote best practices in integrating DTx into healthcare systems. The aim is to empower clinicians, decision-makers, and policymakers to include DTx in regional and national frameworks, ultimately enhancing equitable access to digital healthcare.

Megan Coder, Chief Policy Officer & Founder of Digital Therapeutics Alliance, emphasizes the need for a globally recognized framework to ensure equitable patient access to digital therapies. Alberta Spreafico, Managing Director Digital Health & Innovation at Healthware Group, highlights the importance of developing appropriate appraisal criteria and access and reimbursement policies to enable fair and sustainable DTx access.

Roberto Ascione, CEO at Healthware Group, expresses pride in the collaborative effort, aligning with Healthware's vision of Future Health, to support the adoption and global access of DTx.

The European DTx Policy Coalition, through this partnership, aims to drive the integration and impact of DTx, prioritizing equitable healthcare access and sustainability.

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