EDX Medical Group Plc announces European Cancer Biomarker Programme collaboration with Tianjin Bioscience Diagnostic Technology Co. Ltd

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

EDX Medical Group plc, which develops innovative digital diagnostic products and services for cancer, heart disease, neurology and infectious disease testing, today announces a collaborative cancer biomarker programme that will improve access to cost-effective and reliable tests for a range of cancers in the UK and Europe.

The programme is a result of a partnership between the Company and Tianjin Bioscience Diagnostic Technology Co. Ltd (“Bioscience”), an internationally active, ISO 13485-certified research-based manufacturer of diagnostic products and reagents. The Company has been selected by Bioscience as its lead partner to validate and commercialise its suite of internationally recognised cancer biomarkers in Europe.

The programme will encompass the validation and clinical deployment of Bioscience’s digital chemiluminescence immunoassay technology for an initial 10 cancer biomarkers, including the key glycoprotein Carbohydrate Antigens:  CA-15-3, CA19-9, CA-125, and CA-72-4. These biomarkers are recognised as important tools to improve the clinical management of a range of cancers and will be deployed both individually and in combination using the Bioscience automated analysers.

As part of the collaborative programme, the Company will conduct validation studies and submit data on individual tests to UK and EU Authorities for regulatory approval.   Under the collaboration, Bioscience has installed two automated digital chemiluminescence immunoassay instruments at the Company’s laboratory in Cambridge, UK, with initial capability to process up to 250,000 tests per annum, and  providing rapid response times for UK clients.

Dr Mike Hudson, CEO of EDX Medical, said: “We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Bioscience, which will accelerate access to these highly reliable, affordable laboratory tests for doctors, patients and cancer survivors in the UK and Europe. The automation and combination of tests means improved flexibility, enhanced data and rapid delivery of test results”.

“This capability is an important building block in our strategy to offer one of the most complete suites of cancer tests in the UK, supported by definitive functional genomics from our Cambridge laboratory. This partnership will bring forward our commercialisation plans for our cancer products.”

Professor Sir Chris Evans, Founder of EDX Medical, said: “I’m delighted that a high-quality company such as Bioscience has selected EDX Medical to partner and pioneer the launch of their latest cancer tests across the UK and Europe, particularly at a time when the post-pandemic world grapples with huge backlogs of cancer patients and the need for fast, effective diagnostic products and services.”

Lina Lee, Head of International Sales at Tianjin Bioscience Diagnostic Technology Co. Ltd, said: "We are very pleased to be working with EDX Medical Group, a fast-growing and innovative partner, to lead the validation and commercialisation of our oncology laboratory tests in the UK and Europe, along with future co-development of new tests".

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