Electromed, Introduces SmartVest Clearway, a Fifth-Generation Hospital Airway Clearance Generator

Thursday, November 02, 2023

Electromed, a prominent innovator in airway clearance technologies, has announced the launch of its SmartVest® Clearway® Airway Clearance System for inpatient use in hospitals. This system is specifically designed for High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation ("HFCWO") therapy and represents an updated and efficient approach to pulmonary hygiene within inpatient healthcare settings, delivering measurable positive outcomes for patients.

The SmartVest Clearway system leverages HFCWO, a clinically validated therapy known for its efficacy in clearing excess lung secretions, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory infections. Through the delivery of alternating air pulses into a specially designed vest, it rapidly compresses and releases the chest wall, inducing an oscillation in airflow within the airways, which in turn aids in loosening and mobilizing mucus towards the major airways, where it can be expelled.

SmartVest Clearway provides therapeutic relief for patients who struggle with ineffective secretion clearance due to factors such as muscle weakness, compromised cough function, or impaired ventilation. Designed with ease of use in mind, this system is a valuable tool for hospital staff in expediting the recovery of patients with impaired airway clearance.


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