Evergreen Nephrology and Western Kentucky Kidney Specialists Join Forces

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Evergreen Nephrology is excited to announce a new partnership with Western Kentucky Kidney Specialists to enhance care for individuals with chronic kidney disease in southwestern Kentucky.

Together with nephrologists, Evergreen offers personalized care plans to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients managing kidney disease. Key focuses of the partnership with Western Kentucky Kidney Specialists include:

  1. Slowing disease progression
  2. Shifting care to home settings
  3. Addressing social determinants of health

Chief Development and Strategy Officer at Evergreen Nephrology, emphasized the challenges faced by those with kidney disease and the importance of comprehensive care.

By partnering closely with Western Kentucky Kidney Specialists, Evergreen aims to make accessing necessary services easier for patients and caregivers, including connecting them with community resources."

According to the US Renal Data System, the annual cost of fighting kidney disease in the U.S. is estimated at $200 billion, often due to delayed nephrologist involvement.

Evergreen seeks to empower nephrology groups nationwide by providing clinical, technical, and financial support early in patients' kidney care journey.

President and Senior Nephrologist at Western Kentucky Kidney Specialists, expressed confidence in the collaboration, noting, "This partnership aligns with our commitment to providing optimal care for our patients.

Believe it will offer unprecedented resources and value to individuals living with chronic kidney disease in our community."






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