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EVERSANA's Innovative Technology-Enhanced Patient Support Platform to Enhance Access and Expedite Therapy Initiation

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

EVERSANA, a prominent player in providing commercialization services to the global life sciences industry, has introduced a significant enhancement in its patient support services by unveiling its proprietary electronic benefits verification (eBV) and electronic prior authorization (ePA) platform, known as ACTICS® eAccess.

This innovative technology provides patient service teams with rapid access to insights on patient coverage from both pharmacy and major medical plans, potential prior authorization requirements, and any financial obligations that could impact patient access and treatment speed.

Jim Lang, the CEO of EVERSANA, highlighted the limitations of current eBV and ePA tools. He mentioned issues such as inaccuracies in electronic verification results and a high rate of rejection for prior authorization submissions, leading to delays in patient treatment. He emphasized that ACTICS eAccess is designed to address these challenges by delivering results within seconds, as opposed to days.

ACTICS eAccess boasts an impressive 90% accuracy rate and leverages EVERSANA's extensive digital network, connecting with over 1,400 payers across the United States. The platform seamlessly integrates data from more than 90% of insured individuals, facilitating swift verification of pharmacy and major medical plan coverage.

Through ACTICS eAccess, both patients and healthcare providers gain valuable insights into major medical plans. This enables them to assess patient-specific out-of-pocket costs, deductibles, and coverage for physician-administered medications, as well as ancillary services. Furthermore, the platform allows providers to compare coverage and out-of-pocket expenses between pharmacy and medical plans, helping them identify the most advantageous reimbursement pathway for each patient. Additionally, the platform streamlines the prior authorization submission process, resulting in a significantly higher acceptance rate by insurance providers.

ACTICS eAccess can be seamlessly integrated into an existing pharmaceutical company's benefits programs or used as a standalone solution. Upon implementation, it creates branded websites for both healthcare professionals and patients, offering quick access to insurance coverage information.

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