Exactech and Statera Medical Join Forces to Develop World's First Intelligent Reverse Shoulder Implant

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Exactech, a renowned developer of implants, instruments, and smart technologies for joint replacement surgery, has recently forged an exclusive partnership with Statera Medical, a leading medical device developer. The collaboration aims to create the world's first smart reverse shoulder implant. By leveraging smart implants, which offer objective data, the goal is to assist surgeons in selecting the optimal implant size and offset for each patient, ensuring the ideal balance of joint mobility and stability.

This innovative device-centric technology provides real-time data and adjustment capabilities, empowering surgeons to address patient needs more effectively. The integration of this transformative technology into the Equinoxe® platform shoulder system marks a significant milestone for both companies.

In addressing the challenges of joint reconstruction, surgeons must carefully balance factors such as stability and potential risks of complications. Through the partnership with Statera, Exactech aims to establish a novel process for objectively assessing a patient's soft tissue tension and subsequently customizing the implant offset and size accordingly. This approach reflects Exactech's commitment to advancing shoulder arthroplasty research and clinical software development.

By incorporating Statera's smart implant technology, Exactech seeks to provide surgeons and researchers with valuable insights into reverse shoulder biomechanics. This collaboration promises to enhance understanding and treatment options for patients, ultimately improving outcomes in shoulder surgery.




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