Europeanhhm Launches AI Platform for Life Sciences

Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the industry leader in providing AI-powered language solutions to enterprises, today announced availability of the Platform for Life Sciences. With the Platform for Life Sciences, teams can seamlessly access advanced natural language understanding capabilities, learning methodologies, 3rd-party large language models like BioBert and Bio-GPT as well as customizable pre-built knowledge models to build custom solutions.

Having timely access to relevant scientific data accelerates decision making, improves R&D, and helps bring better medical treatments to market faster. The time and resources required to manually search EHRs (Electronic Health Records) sources, multiple global clinical trial databases and scientific literature publications make data extraction inefficient and prone to omission. As a result, life sciences companies need to capture value from AI-based natural language technologies to drive more efficiency, innovate and transform the business while preserving the highest degrees of security, privacy, and factual accuracy. Platform for Life Sciences strengthens solutions and industry practice honed from real-world implementations with global organizations and scientific publishers such as Sanofi, New England Journal of Medicine, EBSCO, 3M Health, and INSERM. Through a hybrid AI approach combining natural language tools, enterprise language models and machine learning, the Platform for Life Sciences fundamentally shifts the way unstructured medical and scientific data is monitored, understood, analyzed and collated. It allows teams to access knowledge and insights typically trapped in medical articles, reports, press releases, clinical research, customer/patient interactions, consent forms, etc. as well as the highest quality and up-to-date knowledge available based on industry standards like MeSH, UMLS Conditions & Interventions and IUPAR.

Key solutions available on the Platform for Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences teams can rely on the Platform for:

  • Scientific Claim Validation: Confirm scientific claims against trusted public and private knowledge sources;
  • Drug Discovery: Extract connections between biomedical entities in literature for in-depth causality analysis to support researchers;
  • Clinical Trial Insights: Monitor clinical trials and social media sources filtered by any combination of indication, drug, mechanism of action, sponsor, or geography to gain insight for clinical trials;
  • Regulatory Report Analysis: Accelerate the quality control process of clinical and preclinical reports analysis using sensitive and proprietary data sources prior to their submission to regulatory bodies.


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