FDA Approval of VerTouch™ by IntuiTap Medical Promises Revolutionary Advancements in Epidural Techniques

Friday, February 09, 2024

IntuiTap Medical is excited to announce the FDA clearance of its innovative medical device, VerTouch. VerTouch revolutionizes spinal punctures by removing guesswork, ensuring accuracy, and consistency. This milestone represents a significant advancement in IntuiTap's mission to redefine the standard of care for millions of Americans undergoing these procedures yearly.

The FDA clearance affirms the safety and effectiveness of VerTouch, following rigorous testing at prestigious medical institutions like Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Texas Medical Center. VerTouch, a handheld imaging tool, assists healthcare providers of all skill levels in performing bedside spinal punctures with precision and reliability.

Previously, healthcare providers relied on manual techniques, resulting in unpredictable outcomes and high failure rates. This approach often led to suboptimal patient experiences and increased healthcare costs. Many patients requiring spinal taps in emergency departments were sent for additional radiology procedures, adding to the financial burden.

VerTouch, powered by IntuiTap's proprietary spinal mapping technology, generates detailed 2D images of lumbar spinal anatomy. This enables providers to visualize key landmarks and make informed decisions about needle placement, improving procedure outcomes.

The FDA clearance for VerTouch signifies a pivotal moment in IntuiTap's commitment to enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of epidurals, spinals, and lumbar punctures.


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