FDA Clears Varian's TrueBeam and Edge Radiotherapy Systems with HyperSight Imaging Solution

Friday, March 01, 2024

Varian, a subsidiary of Siemens Healthineers, recently announced the receipt of FDA 510(k) clearance for its TrueBeam and Edge radiotherapy systems, both featuring the innovative HyperSight imaging solution. This regulatory milestone underscores Varian's ongoing commitment to advancing imaging capabilities within the radiotherapy treatment environment, offering improved workflows and functionalities across its range of linear accelerators.

The HyperSight imaging solution empowers clinicians to personalize treatments for each patient, with the aim of enhancing overall treatment outcomes. By capturing high-quality images during daily radiation sessions, HyperSight facilitates more precise targeting of tumor volumes while minimizing harm to surrounding healthy tissue. Notably, Varian's linear accelerators now have the capability to generate images with Hounsfield Unit (HU) accuracy directly on acquired conebeam CT (CBCT) images, streamlining the offline adaptive planning process without necessitating additional CT scans.

Moreover, the integration of HyperSight into TrueBeam and Edge systems results in a 50% faster gantry rotation during image acquisition compared to traditional CBCT scans, significantly reducing overall acquisition time. This reduction not only mitigates motion-related artifacts but also contributes to a more comfortable and less anxiety-inducing experience for patients during treatment sessions.

While testimonials from Varian's customers attest to the enhanced patient comfort and targeting confidence achieved with HyperSight, it's important to note that individual clinical settings may vary, and results may differ across different environments.




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