FDA Grants Approval to Mediso for InterView™ Nuclear Medicine Image Processing Software

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Mediso, a renowned medical imaging company, has recently announced the FDA clearance of their InterView™ FUSION and InterView™ XP multimodality image processing and reporting software. This software is specifically designed for nuclear medicine and molecular imaging workflows.

The InterView™ software is vendor independent and provides a comprehensive solution for image visualization, post-processing, and reporting tailored to routine nuclear medicine and molecular imaging practices. It covers a wide range of nuclear medicine studies, including bone, cardiac, central nervous system, thyroid, parathyroid, kidney, liver, digestive system, and lung imaging. Fast and standardized reporting is available for all nuclear medicine procedures.

With the InterView™ software, Mediso aims to improve SPECT image quality through iterative reconstruction and achieve accurate personalized dosimetry using the Tera-Tomo™ SPECT reconstruction engine. The software includes advanced modules for automatic lesion detection, segmentation, and image denoising, enhancing clinical and preclinical research work. It seamlessly integrates with any hospital information system and can be deployed on standalone workstations or physical/virtualized servers.

Istvan Bagamery, the founder and CEO of Mediso, expressed the company's excitement regarding FDA clearance for their image processing software, stating that it marks an important milestone in marketing their clinical products in the USA. He emphasized that the InterView™ software, combined with Mediso's AnyScan SPECT and SPECT/CT clinical systems, provides a comprehensive solution for routine nuclear medicine applications and research, reflecting their dedication to the molecular imaging market.

Mediso, with over 30 years of experience, specializes in the development, manufacturing, selling, and servicing of standalone and multi-modality imaging devices. They are a leader in the clinical nuclear medicine market, having installed more than 1500 systems globally. In addition to the AnyScan TRIO SPECT/CT, Mediso offers a unique integrated SPECT/PET/CT triple modality system. Their products are sold directly or through a distribution network in over 100 countries, serving both clinical patient care and preclinical research needs.

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