FDA Grants Copan Colibrí™ Third Clearance, Enhancing Automated ID/AST Workup Abilities

Monday, January 29, 2024

Copan Diagnostics, a frontrunner in clinical microbiology automation solutions, proudly announces the third FDA clearance for its innovative pre-analytical processor, Colibrí™. This automated ID/AST preparation instrument is a cornerstone of Copan's laboratory automation line, revolutionizing workflow and efficiency in microbiology labs.

The Colibrí™ system automates specimen preparation, generating MALDI-TOF ID targets and bacterial suspensions for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST). It consists of the Colibrí™ Vision System and Colibrí™ Preparation Station.

The recent FDA clearance highlights Colibrí™'s compatibility with the Beckman Coulter MicroScan Walkaway Instruments & Panels for ID/AST. Colibrí™ prepares microbial suspensions for the MicroScan system, a crucial tool in clinical laboratories for AST analyses. It's the first in its class to receive clearance for simultaneous preparation of MALDI-TOF slides and AST suspensions.

Beckman Coulter collaborates with Copan in distributing laboratory automation and AI solutions. The integration of Colibrí™ with Copan's AI software, PhenoMATRIX®, enhances clinical microbiology laboratories' capabilities, streamlining workflows and meeting rigorous demands. This FDA clearance marks a milestone, enabling automated AST workup with another leading system, saving time and labor in diagnostic microbiology.


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