FemTec Health Acquires Ava AG, Reproductive Monitoring Pioneer

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

FemTec Health, the health and beauty sciences company and creator of the Awesome Woman comprehensive healthcare experience, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Ava AG (known as Ava, Ava Women), a digital diagnostics and therapeutics company specializing in women's reproductive health. Backed by rigorous clinical trials, Ava has helped over 70,000 women get pregnant. Bringing together AI and clinical science, Ava's FDA-cleared fertility platform is proven to help women conceive faster—reducing frustration and the need for costly, invasive fertility treatments.  

FemTec Health and Ava share a vision for defragmenting healthcare and providing comprehensive support during every stage of a woman's life. Through its Awesome Woman holistic health program, FemTec integrates what research shows women want: at-home tests and monitoring, personalized services and wellness products, and on-demand medical support—all delivered through monthly subscriptions either directly to consumers or as part of an employer's health benefit plan. Currently, Awesome Woman offers subscriptions for urinary and vaginal health, hormone balance, sexual wellness, wellness and prevention, beauty, and now reproductive health.

"What Lea and the Ava team have built is truly innovative. We are excited to add the leader in reproductive health to our portfolio and onto our team," said Dr. Kimon Angelides, FemTec Health founder and CEO. "From fertility to contraception, pregnancy support, menopause management, and personalized health insights, Ava's technology is a great addition to make it even easier for women within the FemTec Health platform to take control of their health, all while keeping their data and personal health information one hundred percent private and secure."

Ava's cycle-tracking technology and machine-learning algorithms offer support beyond fertility, with potential applications in family planning, sleep and fitness, prescription medications, and stages of a woman's life besides just reproduction. "Ava's vision has always been to be a companion to women along every stage of their lives. With Ava's female health AI integrated into FemTec's care platform, women will finally have access to a fully continuous health journey," said Lea von Bidder, Ava co-founder and CEO. "We are excited to join FemTec in building continuous support for women from puberty to menopause."

After the integration is complete, existing Ava users and Awesome Woman subscribers will have access to both companies' holistic offerings: Ava's at-home fertility monitoring, data-driven health insights, week-by-week pregnancy information, and community resources as well as Awesome Woman's on-demand telehealth services, at-home diagnostics, monthly subscription boxes, wellness products, prescription delivery, educational content, and stress management tools. Angelides stressed, "Privacy is paramount. We will never lose sight of women's autonomy and right to privacy as we build this new healthcare experience."

Ava AG is the latest acquisition by FemTec Health. Last fall, the company announced its purchase of Birchbox, the original monthly beauty box, Mira Beauty, which uses AI to match consumers with personalized cosmetics, and Liquid Grids, a social health intelligence company with over 1.25 million online community members. Additional acquisitions to round out the Awesome Woman offering are expected to be announced soon.

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