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Fifth-Generation Robotic System, da Vinci 5, Receives FDA Clearance, Intuitive Announces

Friday, March 15, 2024

Intuitive, a global leader in minimally invasive care and robotic-assisted surgery, has announced a significant milestone with the FDA clearance of their latest innovation, the da Vinci 5 robotic system. This new system builds upon the success of the previous da Vinci Xi model, which has been widely utilized in over 7 million procedures worldwide.

The da Vinci 5 introduces numerous enhancements aimed at improving surgical precision, workflow efficiency, and overall user experience. These enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Accuracy and Precision: Through innovative design and engineering improvements, the da Vinci 5 offers smoother and more precise control, thanks to upgraded surgeon controllers and vibration/tremor controls.

  • Next-Generation 3D Display: Equipped with Intuitive's most advanced 3D imaging system, surgeons can benefit from superior visualization capabilities during procedures.

  • Force Feedback Technology: A groundbreaking feature, the da Vinci 5 introduces Force Feedback technology, allowing surgeons to measure and feel subtle forces exerted on tissue during surgery, potentially minimizing tissue trauma.

  • Workflow Enhancements: The da Vinci 5 integrates key OR technologies, features an optimized user interface, and offers streamlined workflow features, empowering surgeons with increased autonomy and efficiency.

  • Expanded Computing Power: With over 10,000 times the computing power of its predecessor, the da Vinci 5 enables advanced digital experiences and seamless integration with Intuitive's suite of surgical tools and applications.

  • Enhanced Surgeon Comfort: Redesigned with customizable positioning options, the da Vinci 5 console ensures optimal comfort and ergonomics for surgeons of all body types.

Initially, the da Vinci 5 will be available to a select group of U.S. customers who participated in the development phase, as well as those with established robotic surgery programs. Intuitive plans to gather additional data on the system's performance before a broader commercial release.

The introduction of the da Vinci 5 represents a significant advancement in robotic-assisted surgery, promising improved patient outcomes, enhanced surgeon experiences, and increased operational efficiency in the operating room.





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