First Ankle Replacement Utilizing Activit-E™ Polyethylene Performed for Relative of Exactech Staff Member

Friday, March 01, 2024

Wesley Garrett, a Quality Control Manager at Exactech, experienced a profound convergence of his personal and professional lives when his father underwent ankle replacement surgery using an Activit-E™ polyethylene insert. Garrett's journey with Exactech began in 2018 as an intern conducting wear-testing on the company's hip product line, where he explored the benefits of vitamin E-infused polyethylene compared to standard polyethylene. Witnessing the enhanced wear resistance of vitamin E infusion firsthand, Garrett anticipated its expansion into other product lines and hoped it would be an option for his family or himself if the need for joint replacement arose.

Last year, Exactech introduced Activit-E for the Vantage® Total Ankle System, coinciding with the necessity for ankle replacement surgery for Garrett's father, John Wesley Garrett Sr. A systems safety engineer at Kennedy Space Center for over three decades, Garrett Sr. had faced mobility challenges in both his professional and personal life due to ankle injury-induced limitations. The surgery, performed by Dr. Raymond Rowan of Stellar Foot and Ankle, marked one of the initial procedures using Activit-E, showcasing its potential to enhance patient outcomes.

As Garrett Sr. embarks on his recovery journey, he envisions a future marked by increased activity and a pain-free retirement alongside loved ones. For Wesley, the experience has instilled a profound sense of pride in Exactech's contributions to patient care and a renewed commitment to his role in quality assurance. Activit-E, a cutting-edge polyethylene developed by Dr. Orhun Muratoglu and his team at Massachusetts General Hospital, represents a significant advancement in orthopedic materials, offering strength, flexibility, and oxidative stability through its innovative manufacturing process.

Garrett's personal narrative underscores the transformative impact of medical innovation on individuals and families, epitomizing the intersection of dedication, science, and hope in the pursuit of enhanced quality of life.




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