France Introduces First FLASH Radiotherapy Device for Patient Treatment at Gustave Roussy and THERYQ

Friday, July 14, 2023

Gustave Roussy and THERYQ have formed a strategic partnership to deploy and evaluate FLASH technology for radiotherapy, marking a significant advancement in cancer treatment. THERYQ, a French medical technology company specializing in particle accelerators and radiotherapy systems, has delivered the inaugural clinical FLASH radiotherapy machine in France to Gustave Roussy's radiotherapy department. This device is specifically designed for the treatment of superficial tumors.

The joint efforts between Gustave Roussy, a leading cancer center in Europe and ranked third globally, and THERYQ, a renowned manufacturer of FLASH radiotherapy systems, represent a major breakthrough in cancer treatment within France.

The FLASHKNiFE® technology utilizes electron-based radiation therapy, delivering an ultra-high dose rate that enables rapid treatment in a matter of milliseconds. Preclinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy in selectively targeting tumor cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissues. Moreover, the ultra-short irradiation time minimizes movement of organs or tumors, resulting in improved precision and control during irradiation.

This partnership allows Gustave Roussy to become the first center in France to implement THERYQ's FLASH radiation therapy device. Before its widespread use, a clinical study will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of FLASH radiation therapy in treating skin cancer. Positive results from this study could have far-reaching implications, potentially leading to advancements in the treatment of various solid tumors.

Professor Eric Deutsch, Head of Gustave Roussy's Department of Radiation Therapy, expressed his excitement about the system's introduction, stating that it represents a significant advancement over current methods. He believes that the ability to deliver more tolerable and effective treatments with fewer sessions will greatly improve therapeutic management.

Mr. Le Meunier, CEO of THERYQ, expressed his delight in collaborating with Gustave Roussy, a renowned institution in cancer research and treatment. He emphasized the potential of FLASH radiation therapy to enhance the treatment of skin cancer patients and expressed anticipation for the study's results.

Both Gustave Roussy and THERYQ remain committed to developing innovative treatment solutions that offer more effective and tolerable radiotherapy for patients. This partnership represents a major step forward in leveraging FLASH technology to achieve better therapeutic outcomes in cancer treatment.

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